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Do-it-yourself Repairs for Weather Worn Wood Decks

SwiftDeck upper wood deck makeoverMany wood deck owners are faced with the problem of what to do when the deck begins to deteriorate after years of use and begins to look rather shabby. Until recently, the only realistic option would be to rip up the entire wood deck surface and replace it with new wood decking. Unless you are a DIY enthusiast, this means obtaining quotes from contractors, checking their references, waiting until they have time to begin the job, and then putting up with the disruption whilst the job is completed. And generally this becomes a rather expensive option.

Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective solution if the deck is in sound structural condition, is to cover the existing surface with tdoor decking tiles. Not only can you carry out the job yourself... in just an hour or so depending on the size and shape of your deck, but you'll have a solid wood surface that looks every bit as good as your original deck.

Another advantage of using SwiftDeck or ResiDeck wooden tiles is that you won't see any nail holes or screw holes, since the wooden slats are fixed from the bottom of the tile rather than the top. Also, if you have an upper deck with room underneath for storage, garage or whatever, you can easily make the upper deck surface waterproof so you have a dry area underneath. You just need to firstly lay down an EPDM sheet over your old deck surface. You can buy EPDM in different widths with lengths up to 50' wide from specialist suppliers such as Best Materials or Resource Conservation Technology who can also custom fabricate a single sheet to avoid seams. They can also supply a complete system that includes all required adhesives, sealants etc. Then you lay the tiles directly over the top of the EPDM sheeting. Again its a simple task almost anyone can do themselves.

Note that these modular outdoor tiles are not designed for use on stairs, so if your steps or stairs are showing signs of decay and becoming dangerous, you'll need to replace the treads with the same or similar lumber as originally used on your stairs.

All our SwiftDeck wooden outdoor tiles are pre-treated with a decking oil to give some extra protection from the sun and rain for the first few months. However if you want to keep the attractive wood color as long as possible, you'll need to recoat the tiles at regular intervals - six to 12 months depending on your local climatic conditions. If you don't wish to recoat the tiles on a regular basis, they will gradually fade to a silvery grey color, just the same as any other wood deck will do.


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