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How to Make an Upper Wood Deck Waterproof Underneath

SwiftDeck upper deck A very common situation we are asked about, is how to make a raised or upper deck waterproof so that the area under the deck can be more usefully used for storage space, or as an entertaining area. Fortunately with our decking tiles, there's quite a simple solution.

Firstly you lay down continuous waterproof sheeting over the existing wood deck. There's a number of products you could use, but we recommend using EPDM sheeting because it's relatively inexpensive and is available in continuous wide sheets. So it can generally cover your entire deck without requiring any joins or overlaps which could cause water to seep through below. You could also use liquid rubber type products which you apply by a roller or spray. You can buy EPDM in different widths with lengths up to 50' wide from specialist suppliers such as Best Materials or Resource Conservation Technology who can also custom fabricate a single sheet to avoid seams. They can also supply a complete system that includes all required adhesives, sealants etc.

After you've purchased your EPDM sheeting, you just need to cut the sheet to the exact size and shape of your deck, ensuring that it doesn't extend over the edges of the deck. Then you simply lay the interlocking tiles directly on top of the sheeting. To give a professional finish to your deck, you can clip matching reducers to the outside edges of the deck to finish of the tiles and hide the plastic clips on the outer row of tiles.

So, in no time at all and with minimum of effort, you'll have a brand-new upper deck and a waterproof area underneath.

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