Porcelain Pavers For Decks

Innovative porcelain planks for creating natural looking wood decks

Discover a new and better deck system available exclusively from Architrex for constructing patios, rooftop decks and terraces in residential and commercial settings. This innovative deck system includes a noncombustible deck plank that looks like real Oak, Nut and Maple wood, yet is made of highly weather resistant porcelain.

DeckWay exterior porcelain planks are 8’ long and 12” wide, and closely resemble natural wood. This means you achieve the beauty of  conventional wood decking, without the pitfalls of wood. Timeless porcelain planks won’t burn, fade, warp, splinter, decay, or require ongoing stain or oil applications to keep them looking beautiful. And because they are impermeable to water they are extremely resistant to stains, mold, mildew and freeze/thaw cracking.

DeckWay Components

The DeckWay system is comprised of porcelain planks, steel beams that act as joists, and adjustable height pedestal supports for raising the deck to exact specifications and leveling it perfectly over uneven or sloping surfaces.

The hollow, 8’ long steel beams are positioned on the pedestal supports, raised as necessary and leveled, and finally the 94”x12” Oak, Nut, and Maple wood design planks and are laid across the beams to create the deck surface.

The adjustable height pedestals have rubber coated caps for sound and shock absorption, and built in spacer tabs to keep the planks perfectly spaced. Each cap is slid into position along the beams and the 53 pound planks remain in perfect position due to their weight and tight spacing against the spacer tabs. No additional accessories are needed to affix the planks to the underlying system.

Why Use DeckWay?

No other paver material simulates the essence, natural grain, and color of real wood planks like porcelain. DeckWay porcelain planks are simply the better solution for rooftop decks, terraces, plazas and landscaping where a wood plank design is required.

Additional reasons for using DeckWay:

  • Non-combustible wood alternative where strict fire codes exist
  • Lower installation cost than conventional wood decks
  • No ‘permanent’ support structures, no drilling or nailing
  • No splintering, cracking, twisting or warping
  • No decay by weather or insects
  • No fading or color change over time
  • Slip resistant and quick draining
  • Max. 8’ long components simplify delivery to rooftops
  • No regular re-staining, power washing or mold removal
  • Exceptionally low maintenance
  • Easily installs over rooftop pipes, conduit and service ducts
  • Provides easy access to inspect or repair service pipes and ducts

Color and Style Options

DeckWay 94”x12” porcelain planks have been designed to resemble three wood types.




As an alternative to plank style pavers,  Architrex supplies 24”x24” and 48”x16” structural porcelain pavers available in Maple, Oak, Nut, and also Kauri. Like the DeckWay system these pavers can be used to construct a raised deck on adjustable height pedestals, but due to their smaller size the additional support of hollow steel beams is not required. To read more about the Architrex line of structural pavers and adjustable pedestal systems for raised decks please visit our main web site at www.architrex.com

How to Specify and Order DeckWay

The DeckWay system is supplied as a complete set of modular components – 94” x 12” (nom.) porcelain planks, 94 ½” hollow galvanized steel beams, Eterno ‘Maxi’ adjustable height pedestals and pedestal head caps. The adjustable height pedestal you select is determined by how high your deck needs raised. No other accessories, components or tools are needed, except for perhaps a saw or grinder to cut planks or beams at the perimeter of the deck.

Plank size: 94 ¼” x 11 11/16” (2395mm x 297mm)
Plank thickness: ¾” (18mm)
Plank weight: 67lb ea. (30.6kg)
Steel beam dimensions: 2 3/8” x 11/16” x 94 ½” (2400mm)

Use the following guide to calculate an estimation of the required number of each component you will need to order for your deck space.

Porcelain planks: 7.75 sq.ft. per plank (including spacers)
Steel beams:  7’ per 10 sq.ft. (each beam 94 ½” long)
Pedestal head caps: 5.5 pcs. per 10 sq.ft.
Pedestals: 3.25 pedestals per 10 sq.ft. (pedestal height depends on site requirements)


Details on how to install the DeckWay system  can be seen on this page.

Laying out pedestals

Installing planks

Finished deck

Or watch the video below:


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