Building Rooftop Decks

The effortless way to build lightweight decks on rooftops

Rooftops can be ideal locations for creating relaxing and luxurious living spaces with an amazing view. With our SwiftDeck interlocking Ipe wood  deck tiles, you can easily and quickly create the rooftop deck of your dreams without construction experience or calling an expensive contractor.

Most people view roofdecks as permanent structures requiring heavy supporting structures made of steel or wood beams. And most condo building owners will not permit anything permanent to be constructed on the roof, even if the structure can support the weight. This is where our SwiftDeck interlocking deck tiles shine. Simply snap our lightweight and user-friendly 12”x12” and 24”x12” Ipe wood tiles together to create an instant and impressive “floating” wood deck on your roof that requires no permanent bearers, joists, or other types of cumbersome support.

Even better, our tiles are constructed with numerous ‘feet’ on the interlocking plastic base which effectively distribute any load evenly over the deck. This helps to alleviate the common concern of tile bases penetrating and damaging the waterproof membrane. Even with loads so evenly disbursed, as an extra precaution building owners can install a protective layer of EPDM sheeting over the roof surface.

EPDM sheeting is available in various sizes, and can be custom fabricated as a single sheet with no seems. Suppliers like Best Materials and Resource Conservation Technology can also supply a complete system including adhesives, sealants, and other necessary components.


If you are not the building owner, seek permission before installing your roof deck. It is important that the deck tiles and materials they are made of comply with local regulations. In some urban areas there may be fire regulations which could restrict the building of a roof top wood deck even though the Ipe wood used on our SwiftDeck tiles has the highest possible Class A fire rating. Even if Ipe wood is an approved material, consider the base has a much lower fire rating.

The installation process should begin in one corner, working in an expanding triangular pattern by snapping one tile after another together. You can create unique designs and borders by simply rotating alternate tiles 90 degrees and integrating and our two different styles of 12”x12” tiles, and our 24”x12” tile.

Your interlocking deck normally won’t move laterally once installed. In areas prone to hurricanes or tornadoes you might consider removing and storing your deck if a storm is imminent. Fortunately SwiftDeck tiles are easy to disconnect, and lightweight to transport to storage.


For large rooftop decks and commercial locations subject to heavy foot traffic and wear, HandyDeck offers a high load bearing, more weather resistant decking alternative. Our exceptional range of scratch and stain resistant, fireproof 24”x24” structural porcelain pavers are specifically designed for constructing elevated rooftop decks using our high quality and user friendly adjustable height pedestal systems. Unlike our interlocking tiles that sit directly on the roof membrane, these porcelain pavers do not lock together and simply rest on top of the pedestal heads that have built in spacer tabs to keep the pavers perfectly aligned.

Adjustable pedestals are positioned on the rooftop membrane and can raise a deck as little as ½” off the substrate, to over 36” to accommodate the deck’s surroundings. Raised decks using pedestals conveniently allows for conduit and service pipes to rest freely under the deck pavers, and easy access to service ducts.

Compared to heavy and bulky concrete pavers, porcelain pavers are significantly lighter weight, making them easier to transport to a job site and install. Porcelain is also impermeable, making it far more stain and freeze/thaw resistant and much easier to maintain than concrete. Fading, chipping and scuffing is also of little concern with this stronger paver material.

Architre porcelain pavers are available in a variety of colors and styles ranging from simulated cement and stone, rustic, and wood looks that closely resemble natural wood decking. Our wood look pavers give you the opportunity to construct a ‘wood’ deck in locations where fire codes restrict or prohibit the use of real wood.

So if you’re looking for rooftop deck ideas that will really give your roof elegance and charm combined with strong, weather resistant and low maintenance materials required for commercial, high traffic settings, then check out our porcelain pavers.

For further information on using interlocking deck tiles for roof decks or if you have questions about your particular project, just give us a call at 866 206 8316 or send us an email.