Backyard Patio Spaces

Versatile, easily modified patio tiles for diverse landscape settings

When building a backyard patio or deck one of your primary concerns is that the space integrates well with the rest of the house and your surrounding landscape. Second, you never really know what the finished deck will look like until it’s complete, and what to do if you later preferred the deck extended farther in one direction, wrapped around a corner, or could be reconfigured to accommodate new patio seating, trees or shrubbery.

Introducing SwiftDeck interlocking deck tiles for creating awesome and versatile outdoor spaces. By simply snapping tile after tile together you can extend your deck in any direction, easily making design changes as you go along. And if you later integrate new features with your patio deck or landscaping that require portions of your deck to be re-positioned, the beauty of SwiftDeck is you simply disconnect tiles needing moved and snap them where you’d like.

When installing SwiftDeck we suggest that if laying the interlocking tiles directly on the ground, the prepared surface of dirt or gravel needs to be smooth, level and well compacted with weed mat laid over top to prevent vegetation growth. If the tiles are laid over existing concrete, fill any low spots and large cracks with an application of thinset to create a level surface.

The SwiftDeck tile range is made of Ipe, a wood that is recognized for extreme durability and hardness. Unlike common Redwood or Fir wood decking, ultra-dense Ipe wood stands up long term to the harshest climates. Extreme sun, rain and snow has very little impact on Ipe, and you will be amazed at how your deck will weather the storms year after year. Ipe wood will naturally gray over time. To slow the aging process a coat of quality decking oil from your local hardware or paint store can be applied every 6-12 months. Otherwise, a little water and simple scrub with a broom can have your deck looking its best for years to come.

SwiftDeck tiles are available in 12”x12” squares offered in two different styles, as well as 24”x12” elongated tiles, which allows for limitless and unique patterns to be created on your deck surface. For the perimeter of your deck, give it a professionally finished look using our clip-on edge reducers.

Another non-permanent option for resurfacing your patio which offers the ability for easy reconfiguration to adapt to future changes in your back yard setting, is our attractive line of high-quality Italian porcelain pavers offered in stunning Wood, Stone, Rustic and Cement styles. At just 3/4″ thick and a mere fraction of concrete or stone paver weight, porcelain pavers are extremely easy to install. And unlike concrete, stone or brick, because they are non-porous porcelain pavers are highly resistant to mold, mildew, staining, and freeze/thaw cracking. Visit our main web site for more details and to view our industry leading color selection.