Covering Cracked Concrete

Transform your dull, colorless concrete patio with beautiful interlocking wood deck tiles

Wondering what you can possibly do to replace that unattractive concrete patio in your yard? Something that won’t involve overwhelming and noisy jobs that include a crew of workers, jackhammers, heavy machinery and the expense to cover it all?

Have you always wished a beautiful wood deck could cover that unsightly concrete, but the high cost of a custom deck holds you back? And would a new wood deck even work in your space, considering it will sit at a much higher elevation than your concrete slab?

Fortunately you no longer must settle for a dull concrete patio, stress about bulky deck materials fitting your space, or worry about large restoration projects and their prohibitive costs. And the best part is, our solution is so simple you can do it yourself with no special tools, no construction materials like glue, nails, or screws, and best yet no prior experience.

Our do-it-yourself interlocking wood patio tiles simply snap together in place over your existing concrete surface. Just measure the space you want to cover, the boxes of quality and durable interlocking tiles deliver right to your project site, and you’re ready to easily and quickly create your new patio.

To prepare, if no obstacles in your way and the surface is level just sweep it clean and begin the installation. If you have large cracks or low spots sinking more than approximately 3/16”, simply level the area with a quick application of thinset or other concrete patching materials found at your local hardware store.  When ready, start connecting your interlocking tiles by easily snapping one onto the next to transform your space into an impressive and inviting wood deck.

If you need to cut tiles to get around pipes and other obstacles, a handsaw or jigsaw is sufficient. To give your deck a professionally finished look and reduce tripping hazards ask about our reducer strips which snap onto the outer row of tiles.

With Architrex interlocking deck tiles, in a fraction of the time and cost you’ll be able to step back and admire a beautiful wood deck that will be enjoyed for years to come.

If you are considering decking materials other than wood, perhaps to achieve a different look such as stone or unique styles of cement, or to reduce maintenance requirements and have a longer lasting material, check out Architrex popular line of structural porcelain pavers. These exceptionally lightweight yet strong, scratch resistant, stain resistant, and freeze/thaw crack  resistant pavers come in 24” x 24” and 48″x16″ dimensions and can be laid on 3/8″ and 5/8″ tall rubber pads for an extremely fast and professional looking concrete slab makeover.  The rubber pads have 1/8″ wide spacer tabs to keep the pavers perfectly aligned in both direction and spaced to ensure rapid watershed, are stackable for elevating your deck slightly higher, and can be adjusted for slope with our thin rubber shims to ensure a flush, level deck surface.